Malibu Road

Malibu Road

Beach view of Malibu Road










Located just below Pepperdine University spanning from Malibu Colony to Corral Beach you will find over 250 Malibu beach homes within this community.  To date, there are more Malibu beach houses for sale in this community than any other. Most of the homes are two story on lot sizes ranging on average of 50 feet in width with some up to 100 feet or more.  The amount of dry sand each one has can dramatically affect the value of these beach homes. At the start of the road near the Malibu Colony side, lies the deepest, sandiest section of Malibu Road. Here is where the beach is almost always dry no matter what the tide.  Locals refer to this area as “outside the Colony gates” and beach homes here can command more than $20m.  The style of homes is an assorted mix of vintage Malibu, beach cottages, East Coast Cape Cod, as well as architectural.

Malibu Road beach homes range from $5m to $25m depending upon their location, lot size and depth of sandy beach.  Selling between 6 – 10 homes each year some have been proven to be great investments over time with many doubling in as little as less than 10 years.

Malibu Road is centrally located next to the Malibu Colony so it is ideally situated on Malibu’s pristine beachfront while still close to the finest shopping, bars and dining in Malibu.

Schools are in the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District