Famed Malibu Surfer Laird Hamilton Saves Families in Hawaii

By: Judy Abel

Pro big wave surfer and Malibu resident Laird Hamilton is being called a hero and good Samaritan after rescuing scores of stranded people trapped on the island of Kauai in late April. Unprecedented rains caused severe flooding, mudslides and power outages on the island forcing hundreds to evacuate. Hamilton joined efforts with the National Guard to help after roads and bridges were washed out in the town of Hanalei, where Hamilton and his family also live. The 54-year-old used his own small boat to ferry families across a raging river to safety.  Hamilton’s wife, Gabby Reece, said, “This is not about being a hero. This is about a community helping one another.” 


Hamilton posted on social media, “I am only one person doing my part and there are many others selflessly helping.” 


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