Finding The One: A Malibu Estate Agent

Finding the right Malibu real estate agent might be the toughest challenge in your search for your Malibu dream home. Buying or selling a home in Malibu might just be the biggest personal investment in your life, therefore, it’s is imperative to have the best Malibu real estate agent.

When moving to a new place such as Malibu that is comprised of such diverse real estate that is very difficult to value from home to home it is essential to be working with the right agent to be guided through each step of the buying process. Here are 5 things you should look for in a Malibu real estate agent before choosing to work with them.

1) Knowledgeable. Your Malibu realtor should display excellent knowledge of all of the specific areas and communities within Malibu and of the real estate business. Knowledge is key.

2) Trustworthy. You’re entrusting your biggest investment to your realtor’s expertise and ability.  It’s essential this person is somebody you have 100% trust to execute and protect your rights as a home buyer.

3) Aggressive. You must  work with a Malibu real estate agent that will fight on your behalf and not crumble to defeat in an intense negotiation.

4) Honesty. There are a lot of real estate agents that will tell you exactly what you want to hear, but that will only hinder your chances of getting what you want. Having a “say it like it is” realtor will save you time that is precious to you.

5) Positive. Sometimes things don’t always go our way, it is best to keep your best foot forward and keep positive.

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