Malibu Market Update July 2013

Malibu’s Median Price Graph Is Looking up! How’s the market? Impressive, considering it felt like the world could end just 12 months ago! Check out the chart below. I call it a healthy recovery especially, with the little dip in the first quarter. If that chart was showing a straight 45 degree incline with no dip I’d be more concerned about a bubble. I’m not. The market is finding it’s legs and I only see prices heading up from this point. BUT, I do see a return to normal appreciation rates and would guess that this charts starts to level out soon. It’s a good time to list and move because inventory is so low you may end up with a sale price that is not to much different than what you’d get a year or two out from now IF inventory builds back up AND interest rates rise. They likely will and it’s better to lock in that rate now then be stuck with a loan at a higher rate. Download our PDF. If you own a Malibu home this will put you in a good mood. If you are a buyer, it may cause some stress….but I can help with that! I am working with a bunch of great buyers and they all get new listings sent to them hours before the general market gets them. I’m faster than Zillow, Trulia,  or any drip campaign out there. So what will it be? More Tesla stock or an investment in Malibu real estate? Both if you can swing it.


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Provided by:  Mike Gardner


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